Red Refreshing Drink and Yogurt with raspberries and bananas – Recipes

Red Refreshing Drink Try this version of the cocktail with watermelon, but with additional green refreshment of fresh cucumber. Tasty! Ingredients: 150 ml vodka; 35 ml orange liqueur; 35 ml lime juice (or lemon); 300g watermelon; 150 g of fresh cucumber; 2-3 leaves of fresh mint; Preparation: In a blender place the watermelon and cucumber […]

Is Soybean Good For Our Health?

Until recently, the soy was only known in Asian cuisines, mostly because its fermented products rich in protein supplement their diet based on rice. But thanks to the relatively inexpensive out- put quality and composition (the richest plant with protein), soy spread worldwide, and its products have found their way into many tales worldwide. Besides […]

Fruity Ice-Cream of Melon – Recipe

During the period when there is a delicious melon that you can use for many recipes, we can make one type of fruit ice cream that Italians call it “granite”. If you are interested in making this super refreshing ice-cream, you can prepare it with another type of fruit like melon or peaches. Fruity ice […]

Cinnamon – Extremely Tasty and Healthy Spice

The distinctive exotic aroma of cinnamon acts like a magnet and magically attracting fans around itself. But besides cinnamon charm with its sweet smell and strong taste, it has historically been used as a natural remedy and protector of health. Available throughout the year, but is most attractive during the cold days. It can be […]

How to make Cherry Syrup / Cocktail and Cocktail of Orange and Raspberry – Recipe

Cherry Syrup / Cocktail Cherry syrup is really simple to manufacture, and great in combination with plain or mineral water, or a cocktail with white wine or champagne. Ingredients: 700 g cherries (for syrup) 50 ml juice cherries or any other red fruit (for syrup) 130 g sugar (for syrup) 2 tablespoons fresh lime juice […]

High cholesterol risks and how to lower your cholesterol naturally

High cholesterol – result as a combination of genetics and lifestyle. Cholesterol is a type of fat (lipids) that in time is accumulating in the blood vessels (the arteries). We need cholesterol (our cells need it), and all the cholesterol we need is usually produce by our body. The problem comes on certain age, when […]

Vegetables – The World Best Nutrients (Part Two)

Vegetables – The World Best Nutrients (Part One) In this second part we will talk about the rest of the vegetables that are not mentioned in the previous post, along with their natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals and etc. We all know that vegetables are the best and the healthiest resource of food on our […]

What Tai Chi Really Represents And What are the Health Benefits From It

Tai Chi Chuan (translated as the ‘Supreme Ultimate Force’) is one of the world’s most known martial art disciplines. The Tai Chi Symbol is often represented through the Yin Yang Symbol and there is a right reason. Tai Chi has influences that go back to Taoist and Buddhist monasteries. According to some documents and beliefs […]